My experience as a Cococi volunteer

I was given the incredible opportunity to go to Cameroon and help rebuild a school and help out communities. I could only imagine how many people would benefit from this one act, but it was nothing compared to what I experienced: not only did I get to help others, but also I got a life lesson.

This experience has given me a new outlook on the world and a greater appreciation of who we are as humans. Working with the Cococi foundation, I got to see whole villages coming together to help each other and provide their future generations with education. Matsari is a small village roughly 8 hours drive from Yaounde (the capital) where we rebuilt the school in which 102 kids were getting their education.

Coming from Europe, it was a life-changing opportunity for me to see different realities and experience new cultures while being part of something much bigger than myself. All thanks to Rita—the most generous and kind-hearted person I’ve ever met—and to the Cococi Foundation for making this possible!